Morality Of Profit Essay

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The Morality Of Profit
Idea outline
Broken down into:
1. History of profit
2. Cases of immoral profit
3. Cases of good profit that benefit human kind
4. Closing paragrah

(Scott idea of small business man making an honest profit to large corporations taking advantage of people)
History of profit:
Ever since the history of man there has been trade. In the beginning, people bartered. Eventually money was used and used in the business of profit. Metals objects were introduced as money around 5000 B.C. By 700 BC, the Lydians became the first in the Western world to make coins. But in the quest of making a profit and honest living took a turn and man realized ...view middle of the document...

In the quest for profit this individual was key to the loss of income for many individuals and companies. With promises of wealth to many he robbed from peter to pay paul till he could no longer keep up the game.
Health Industry idea:
Profit at the cost of morality in the heath industry appeared in the news. Importation of an unchecked pharmaceutical drug “Heparin” which is used on dialysis patients was making news . Heparin is made from pig intestines. The majority of the world’s pig population exist in China. In 2006 an epidemic wiped out most of the pigs leaving Chinese manufacturers of the drug to seek out another way to manufacture the drug. A large profit could be made using a counterfeit active ingredient over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate. It was designed to fool quality-control testing by mimicking the authentic active ingredient in heparin, but patients suffered deadly and severe complications from the drug. The drug was unchecked by the FDA and brought into our country and distributed to our hospitals and dialysis facilities beginning Oct of 2007. The drug was immediately recalled in Jan 2008 when more and more people reported symptoms of nausea, low blood pressure, shortness of breath and even death after having received the tainted Heparin. Was the patient being though of when the manufacturer and distributor were making and distributing this drug or were they thinking of their profits? The Morality of Profit can be questioned.

Manufacturing Video game systems idea:
One of the largest successful businesses in the nation is the game system industry. How can a business survive during this recession? Could the answer be a sound business plan? Or can outsourcing outside the U.S. be the answer. Many of the game systems depend on a metal which is mined in the country of India. In order to mine the precious mental small mine caverns are created much to small for an adult to crawl though. Children are used to crawl into the mines to manually chip away at the metal to bring to the surface. The metal is then sold and brought to the U.S. for use in game systems. Nobody objects and companies profit who use child labor to work long and dangerous hours for little pay. Once again The Morality Of Profit can be questioned.
Real Estate profit scam idea:
Our world is currently facing economic hardships not seen in our nation since the 1930’s. Only a few years ago our nation was experiencing what seemed like a strong economy. People were buying homes and banks were lending. But banks were giving out loans to people who unsuspected what the future held for them in the next few years.
Recently the American Dream was foreclosed upon , and it took place in our own back yard nationwide. Millions of Americans lost their homes and the American dream. How could it be that the same banks that enticed and gave the American public a way to buy that American dream home turn the other cheek when Americans needed help the most. Balloon...

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