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Moroccan Vs American Political System Essay

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Moroccan Vs American Political system
The Kingdom of Morocco, is located on the Northwestern coast Africa and it’s the first country to recognize the sovereignty of the United States in 1777.  Morocco, has a unitary form of government in which there are no states. As well as a constitutional democracy form of government wherein the country is ruled by king Mohammed6 and has absolute control of the country. Nonetheless, the king follows the constitution and uses the help of the prime minister. The voting age in Morocco is 18, though the citizens can't vote for their king since Morocco has a constitutional monarchy. However, the citizens are allowed to vote for the other people in ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the legislative branch consists of two chambers, the Chamber of Councilors, and the Chamber of Representatives. The Chamber of counselors, involves about with 270 members that are nominated indirectly by local councils, professional administrations and employment associations to serve for nine years. The Chamber of Legislatures, contains about 325 members that are actually elected by popular vote to serve for five or six year terms. The Judicial Branch, Interprets the constitution and appraises laws. The Supreme Court has five chambers the constitutional, penal, administrative, social, and civil.The most significant part of the judicial branch is the Supreme Court wherein the judges are selected by the king and serve for 9 years. Additionally, there are various political parties in Morocco, the national entity is the association of political parties that provision the political parties in which it was created in 1993 by the national popular movement. There are about dozen Islamic fundamentalist political parties, which are not legal although they are unofficially accepted several independent parties also exist.

Overall, there are both similarities and differences among the American United states and the Moroccan political systems. The major differences is that the American system, has a representative democracy, and runs by a president 4-8 years through a federal system. While Morocco is has Constitutional monarchy, and runs by a king for a lifetime through a unitary system. The...

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