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Most Significant Events Essay

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Most Significant Events

Melissa Lehman

Most Significant Events
Melissa Lehman
September 11, 2010
Karen Rogers

The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

On December 1, 1955, after a long hard day of work Rosa Parks got on a bus. Little did she know she was about to make history. She found a seat in the middle of the bus and sat down. The whole time knowing this was not allowed. During this time in our history minorities had to sit at the back of the bus. After a while a White man got on the bus and told her and the other African Americans to move to the back. Everyone complied with his request except Rosa. The bus driver became upset at her unwillingness to comply ...view middle of the document...

The United States military began it occupation in 1964. The amount spent on this war effort was over $140 billion, a truly large amount. Despite these enormous costs in dollars and American lives, the United States was unsuccessful in its efforts to stop communism in Vietnam. This was the first time in history that the United States was unable to achieve their goal. The goal the United States was trying to achieve was to keep a noncommunist, democratic government in South Vietnam. This became impossible after the Democratic Republic of Vietnam took over rule of the entire nation in April 1975.

The United States was forced to leave and was unable to achieve their goal. The reasons for the United States involvement in Vietnam seemed to be a good idea to the leaders of the nation, especially following its success in World War II. The United States looked at the future with a moral obligation to help other countries. From the nation’s leader’s point of view, the major threat to the United States security and to the peace of the world was communism coming out of the Soviet Union. The United States felt that communism coming from anywhere in the world was a threat to world peace. Going on the knowledge the United States had gained during World War II, the Nation’s leaders felt it necessary to deal with any kind of threat of communism quickly and by force if necessary. The United States and its allies wanted to put an end to communism, this policy would be known as containment.

New Federalism, New hope

On a daily basis many important decisions are made by our national government that has a major impact on our lives. As well there are many issues that must be dealt with in which the American people can have varied opinions. That is why in our system of government, the states may have much of the responsibility for making decisions concerning policies that involve economical, moral, or on family issues. This may be one of the most important parts of our governments system. Not having the government at the center of things will allow for the needs and wants of the people to be addressed and fulfilled on a local level. Ohioans differ in many ways from residents of Michigan, who differ greatly from Texans. Different types of cultures and lifestyles create a need for different political policies and views in order to satisfy the needs of all the people. A large, single-minded government would be incapable of making the best social policies that could be agreed upon by the majority of the United States many diverse groups. But the national government retains enough power to stop local policies that may not be good for the human rights of the little people.

Federalism is not, of course, without its downfalls. The more levels of government we have makes for a larger amount of deceit, because there are many people involved in the process of making decisions. As well a more complex tax system must exist in order for...

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