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Most Wanted Essay

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Most wanted
14 years old, inundated by sex and with a little sister who has turned into a thief. Your parents are engrossed by other matters, so when finding out about your little sister it starts a long row that continue into the small hours while you’re trying to sleep. The atmosphere at home gets more and more intense and as a crisis with your best friend results in none of you talking to each other, you are suddenly faced with the problem at home all by yourself. This is what the narrator in the British short story “Most Wanted” (2000) by Amanda Coe experiences in her childhood growing up with her little sister and her father and mother. She is almost a grown up, but doesn’t want to be. ...view middle of the document...

8.9). This however seems to changes throughout the story. She is disappointed that her mother doesn’t notice what she is going through but instead wants to leave her father. Therefor she focuses all her anger directly through her: “She tried to touch med but I glared the impulse away” (l.100).
The relationship between the mother and father is quite strained. It is not a rare thing for them to have a row that lasts for hours: “I fell asleep to muffled syncopation of their argument coming through my bedroom wall. It was becoming too familiar to interrupt my sleep (…)” (ll.23-25). It seems like the wife wears the trousers. The father is the home going housewife and the mother the outworking husband who, when she comes home, must tell of the children to behave and if necessary, punish them: “Much later, I heard Mum come in, followed from room to room by Dad’s angry recounting of the crime”. The mother however doesn’t want to lay a hand on Michelle and is against the method that her husband use: “We won’t tell your dad about this” she said, very quietly (…) Then she tore down the “I am a thief” signs and put them in the bin” (ll.77-79). Behind the arguments they still love each other though: “Mom put her hand out to his face. I expected him to shake it off, wanted him to, but he let her hand rest” (ll.121-123).
The first incident that started the big arguments between the parents occurred with a tube of Sweet Missy shower gel which belonged to Alison. Even though the father slapped Michelle’s legs in public, Michelle saw it as a positive experience because she was so desperate in need for attention: “For the first time in months, Michelle had got Dad’s full attention (…)” (l.19). At the next incident Michelle insists that Alison gave her permission to lend her Jungle puzzle and at the third incident, where...

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