Motels Becoming Cheap Sex Locations Essay

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Motels promote premarital sex and illegal affairs.

Motel as a term is a shortcut for “motor and hotel” or “motorists and hotel”. By definition, it refers to a single building of connected rooms whose doors face a parking lot. Aside from the orientation where customers have access from rooms to parking areas, motels differ from hotels by way of interacting with guests. While hotels provide the best customer service possible, motels leave certain anonymity between the owners and the occupants. Also, motels are usually located along small roads as opposed to hotels that are situated at urban areas. The set-up and location could be the reasons why motels became ideal places for “illegal” ...view middle of the document...

And according to Catholic priest Robert Reyes, “The practice promotes illicit and pre-marital sex that often leads to broken families and sexually-transmitted diseases”, referring to the short-time, cheap offers, and non-strict admissions practiced by motels.

In Angeles City, particularly in Balibago, motels and short-time inns are all over the place. In locations such as Discovery Motel, Balibago Village Motel, Diamond Court, Miyabe Court and most if not all motels in the place post banners and placards stating promos like “P300 for 3 Hours”, “P240 for 1 Hour”, or what they call the short-time or short trips. Obviously, who would check in a motel for such short amount of time just to rest or sleep? This promos are very convenient and of course, enticing in the eyes of those with illegitimate affairs, and worst, students and minor couples.

Aileen Aquino, who once went to several motels for the haunt of her missing sister who was thought to be kidnapped, said that in those motels she and the policemen went in, students from the big universities in Angeles City (in uniforms) were checked in.

Oscar Mariano, a service crew in Balibago Village Motel, mentioned about the “privacy rule” of their motel that when customers checks in, you should not be looking at their faces and you should let their vehicle straight in the unit’s garage and then close the gate. And so, in this rule, the employees cannot determine those minors checking in. Mariano even mentioned “hindi na namin alam kung sino yung pumapasok, bata man o matanda” and that they have no right on who to admit or not. Mariano even encountered a glimpse of nursing students and other students checking in. But added that most of their customers are old men along with young women, which he noted as “yung mga may kabet”.

Marzha Legaspi, desk clerk of Discovery Motel, said that all clients checking in obviously would have sex, and those promos they have of 3-hour rate and 1-hour rate were purposely made to attract motel-goers. Legaspi also mentioned about the standard operations in their motel and probably in other motels too: (a) when a clients vehicle enters, one of the gate’s unit should be automatically opened, (b) and when the vehicle enters, the gate should be closed, (c) you cannot peek inside client’s vehicles, (d) when they call to check out, a bell boy comes in and take the money, provided, they should not look in the face of the client, and then gives the change, and open the gate before the clients come out of the door. Indeed an ultimate privacy and...

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