Motion Vector Essay

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International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology- Volume3Issue3- 2012

Hiding Messages Using Motion Vector
Technique In Video Steganography
P.Paulpandi1, Dr.T.Meyyappan,,M.Phil.,M.BA.,Ph.D2
Research Scholar1, Associate professor2
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Alagappa University,Karaikudi.
Tamil Nadu,India.

Abstract- Steganography is the art of hiding information
in ways that avert the revealing of hiding
messages.Video files are generally a collection of
images. so most of the presented techniques on images
and audio can be applied to video files too. The great
advantages of video are the large amount of data that
can be hidden inside and the ...view middle of the document...

Here we are
embedding data in video frames.
Cryptography protects information by
transforming it into an unreadable format. It is useful
to achieve 1from Greek, it literally means”covered
writing” confidential transmission over a public
network. The original text, or plaintext, is converted
into a coded equivalent called cipher text via an
encryption algorithm. Only those who possess a
secret key can decipher (decrypt) the cipher text into
plaintext. Steganography in video can be divided into
two main classes. One is embedding data in
uncompressed raw video, which is compressed
The other, which is more difficult, tries to
embed data directly in compressed video
stream[4,5,6]. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
is a specification for the encryption of electronic data.
The algorithm described by AES is a symmetric-key
algorithm, meaning the same key is used for both
encrypting and decrypting the data.
The paper is organized as follows. The
related works that are done on the steganographic
techniques and encryption techniques are provided in
the section 2. The proposed research contribution
with the motion vector technique, video compression,
and extraction is placed in the section 3. The results
and the discussions are given in the section 4.The
paper is concluded with the results in section 5.

ISSN: 2231-538

Page 361

International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology- Volume3Issue3- 2012

This section gives a brief overview on the
related work done on the video compression using
adaptive block based compression and Motion vector
based on the MPEG-2 video Steganography.
Moreover, the encryption algorithm used for text
encryption is discussed.
F.A.P.Petitcolas,R.J. Anderson and M.G.
Kuhn presented method of cryptography works to
mask the content of a message,steganography works
to mask the very existence of the message[1] and
Niels Provos and Peter Honey man presented the
Greek used to pass secret information by writing in
wax-covered tablets:wax was first scraped off a
tablet, the secret message was written on the tablet,
and then the tablet was covered again with the wax
Mobasseri presented the method of a message
either encrypted or unencrypted, can be hidden in a
computer video file (containing the picture of, for
instance, an innocent 2 year old baby) and
transmitted over the Internet, a CD or DVD, or any
other medium [5].Shiguo lian provide the main goal
of steganography is to communicate securely in a
completely undetectable manner and to avoid
drawing suspicion to the transmission of a hidden
data [4].

A. Video Compression
Video compression uses modern coding
techniques to reduce redundancy in video data. Video
compression typically operates on square-shaped
groups of neighboring pixels, often called macro
blocks. These pixel groups or blocks of pixels are

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