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Motivation Action Plan Essay

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University of Phoenix Material – Student:

Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan

Determine the motivational strategy or strategies that would likely be most appropriate for each of your three employees on basis of their individual characteristics. Indicate how you would leverage their employee evaluations to motivate each of the three employees. Describe one or more of the motivational theories and explain how the theories connect to each of your selected motivational strategies.

Team Member Name
Summary of Individual Characteristics
Motivational Strategy and Action Plan
Relevant Theory


In employee engagement and current emotions Taron scored high, however ...view middle of the document...

In relation to Taron, the theory that is relevant is McClelland’s Theory of Needs. This theory provides the understanding that affiliation, success, and power are great motivators for employees. Taron shows need for power, achievement and affiliation to be addressed within his work life. The McClelland’s Theory addresses each of these needs by focusing on his want to build good business relationships, be asked to take on additional responsibilities, and to be a positive influence to his peers.


For current emotions and employee engagement Alex scored well. These scores show that she is committed to her job, is motivated and positive. However, for job satisfaction she scored low. Regardless of the low job satisfaction Alex maintains positive emotions and can be a good influence within the office.
The self-assessments show that Alex is a valuable asset and a contributor within the organization. These qualities should be promoted thru encouragement to accept leadership roles.

The strategy that will be used for Alex will be the Job Enrichment Approach. This approach will allow Alex to evaluate, plan and execute her desired work program. Alex posses organizational and leadership skills that will help her to successfully complete assignments, but they also help her to evaluate her own work. By using this approach management will need to create a strategy to expand jobs vertically, form natural work units, combine tasks, establish client relationships and provide open feedback outlets. Alex’s work responsibilities will start to include tasks that had previously been completed by management. By keeping feedback channels open Alex will get constant feedback that will assist her with making needed adjustments. Alex’s performance evaluation will include a variable pay program. The pay program will be determined by an organizational measurement of her performance and creates an incentive for her that will increase her motivation and production. By using this model she has control of how much money she can make.

For Alex, the most applicable theories would be the goal setting and self-efficiency theories. Alex’s confidence coupled with management’s confidence in her will provide the reinforcement needed for her succeed. Management will need to ensure they are continuously providing her with assignments that are a bit difficult. The reason for this is that Alex is motivated by challenges and seeks to master any assignment. Having the company develop skilled employees like Alex is beneficial and can increase...

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