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Motivation And Its Impact On Performance Of The Employees

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The research focuses on Motivation and Its Impact on Performance of the Employees. Motivation is derived from the concept of hedonism, which means that humans always search for joy and comfort and want to save themselves from tension and pain. (Kamal, Khan, Khan and Khan, 2006)
Li quoted ,
Motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives,
desires, needs, and wishes. It is essentially a process by which an
individual attempts to satisfy certain needs by engaging in various
behaviors. A motivated behavior is goal-directed, sustained, and is
a result from internal needs and drives. Not all behavior is motivated,
but most of work behavior is motivated. ...view middle of the document...

(Kamal et al., 2006)
"Manager should consider both financial and non-financial tools for attracting, motivating and retaining employees". (Rynes, Gerhart and Minette, 2004, p.392)

An unsatisfied need creates tension, which stimulates drives within the individual. These drives generate a search to find particular goals that, if attained, will satisfy the need and lead to the reduction of tension. (Kamal et al., 2006)

The principal agent model of agency theory explains that when employment contract is to be made, monetary rewards should be given special importance because individual is always motivated by monetary incentives. By decreasing the monetary incentives, the employee's intrinsic motivation will be decreased. (Arocena and Villanueva, 2003)
The intensity of motivation may vary from person to person and it depends upon needs for achievement. Self actualization and achievement needs are one of the factors of intrinsic motivation. Self actualization helps in developing individual. Intrinsic motivation is the pure enjoyment and desire to grow. If the internal pressure (intrinsic motivation) is high, then results produced will be better. It also helps in growth and personal development of an individual. (Arocena and Villanueva, 2003; Gagne and Deci, 2005).)
If the potential of the employee is more than that of the job requirement than employee feels his self punished. Another factor is qualification, if the poorer qualification holder gets good job in firm as compared with the person who is having good qualification then the good qualification holder will perform worse because he is demotivated internally. (Arocena and Villanueva, 2003)
A survey done by David Sirota shows that in start of job employees are motivated but afterwards the morale of the employees starts declining and this only happens because of the mismanagement of the managers. (Sirota, Mischkind and Meltzer, 2006)
Sirota, Mischkind, and Meltzer (2006) have mentioned three goals to maintain a firm because of these goals employees will feel their self-motivated, these goals are job security and pay benefits should be given on fair basis, should feel proud on achievements, should have good relationship with fellow employees. They have further divided these goals into different sections. They say that mangers should praise their employees when they perform their job well. This will increase their morale and they will feel that some one is there who cares. There should be frequent, personal and supportive discussion with employees, special arrangements on social and personal events and incentives. Always give feedback on employee's work (Sirota, Mischkind and Meltzer, 2006; Alexy and Leitner, 2008; Chowdhury, 2007; Kamal et al., 2006).

Managers should thank employees on their efforts, always encourage them and as a reward give them lunch, promotion but if the employees are not doing their job well give them suggestions to improve their performance in a way...

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