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Motivation Plan Essay

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The motivation proposal that I’m interested in doing is for me on time management. Since starting school I have struggled with managing my time effectively so that I can have a balance between work, family and school. My motivation is to be able to spend more time with my family, which would be an intrinsic motivator since it gives me pleasure. My plan is to find the right balance of time that would allow me to have quality time with my family. Since I am unable to change the work area unless I quit my job that part is always going to being a fixed area of my plan and will not change. I will start by when getting home from work spending time with my boys and ...view middle of the document...

Once I have done the two hours I will take a break and make and eat dinner with my family this will allow me to spend time with my family and go to any sporting events that my sons may have. If I need to spend more than the two hours on school work I will do it after my sons have gone to bed for the night. I know that there might be days where there we might have something going on, so be able to adjust if the need arises will also be beneficial instead of saying that this is my plan and I am not changing it to accommodate for anything else. Having a plan that can be flexible is also good because then I might not stick to it and spending the last part of the week working on homework and not doing things with my family, I will be in the same position of not managing my time. With the plan that I have come up with, I have achieved quality time with my family but also spending enough quality time on my school work so that I am able to get good grades and get my degree. School is important to me, I want to better myself. By managing my time between work, family and school and making this plan and remembering that there are going to be times when I am going to have to deviate from my plan but also knowing that I have to go back to the plan so that I can have the right balance between my family and school. Spending the quality time that is needed to get my school work done and the quality time with my family that is also needed then I would say that the plan that I came up with has worked.

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