Motivational Essay

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Motivational Essay

Motivational Plan

Grand Canyon University: EDA-575
April 2, 2014

Developing a Motivational Plan
Researchers have stated that effective motivation of individuals in a organization can help the organization to achieve it's goals and lead to the individual's satisfaction within the organization (Razik & Swanson, 2010). In the field of educational leadership there is not only the motivation of the staff to consider but also the motivation of the students enrolled within the organization. Motivation of the staff focuses on job satisfaction where motivation of the student is more focused on their motivation to learn, but with both of these groups ...view middle of the document...

This way staff will feel that their ideas have value to their organization. The social cognitive theory by Bandura also seems to reflect a similar belief in that people are self-organizing, proactive, and self-regulated in their behaviors which influences what they do and why they do it (Federici & Skaalvik, 2012). Another theory of motivation is the Expectancy Model that was modeled after theories by Tolman, Lewin, and Vroom. Razik and Swanson have stated that Expectancy models infer that people are motivated to complete a task based on the person's beliefs about the effort needed, performance required, and possible outcomes (2010). This can be seen in the average person by the amount of work they willing to put in for a promotion or raise, but it can also depend on Maslow's Need Hierarchy. The amount of effort a student or teacher puts into their work will depend on how they value the possible reward they could receive. The rewards that the individual seeks is based on which of the higher order needs, social, affiliation, or self-actualization, they are looking to satisfy (Razik & Swanson, 2010). These theories could be utilized in the creation of a motivational plan that could become part of the overall strategic plan of a school.
Motivational Components
Over the past couple of decades their have been many studies that have proven that there is a strong relationship between motivation and a persons function within an organization. Their are many different components that influence the motivation of students and teachers such as; their beliefs, goals, values, and internal or external reward systems (Rowel & Eunsook, 2013). One of the important components regarding personal beliefs in motivation is a person's self-efficacy, this is an individual's belief about what they can accomplish within a specific time and task (Federici & Skaalvik, 2012). It is important to challenge teachers and students to accomplish goal to the betterment of the organization or themselves, but those goals need to be attainable for the individual. Teachers are also motivated through supporting their autonomy, control over their environment, because most teachers become more engaged in motivating themselves and their students when their belief that they are in charge is supported. Another necessary component is to have short and long term goals for teachers and students. According to Rowel and Eunsook (2013) goals provide a framework in which a person responds to events and results uniquely. By establishing academic goals for students through awards or other forms of recognition students can receive recognition for obtaining mastery or demonstrating competency. Goal...

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