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Motivational Plan Essay

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Motivational Plan

May 5th, 2013

A motivational plan is necessary for employers to keep their employees satisfied. It is a tool that should be utilized periodically to let the employer know just how his or her employees are feeling and if they are satisfied with their job. I have created motivational plans for three selected employees, each individual plan is listed below. As Victor Lipman, who wrote for Forbes stated “ With a recent national study showing that less than One in four non-management employees is fully engaged, there is, shall we say, ample room for improvement.

– Motivational Plan

I feel that providing more challenging projects to boost xxxxx creative ...view middle of the document...

Management realizes that the majority of employees thrive on knowing what they do is appreciated, so at staff meetings we will show our gratitude towards our employees, for their accomplishments. This will also give the employees a better feeling that management realizes their importance which should give xxx the understanding of his value within the organization.
We feel that by providing xxx with a better working environment he will be better focused at his job and less critical of office conditions. By expressing our gratitude at staff meetings, concerning individual accomplishments, this should give xxx a better feeling that his work is appreciated.
Based on the Two Factor Theory we will be giving xxx a better working environment, which will give him the feeling that the company does care about his needs and or concerns. By impressing upon his accomplishments we will also be giving him the fuel to motivate him to strive to produce better work.

– Motivational Plan
xxxx has a very good working knowledge in his field, He strives to do a better job than anyone in the company. If he doesn’t know something he will research it until he finds the answer. This makes him a very good asset to the company. xxxx has to main characteristic challenges that management can help with. The first is to set up team building projects so xxxx can get...

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