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Motorcycle Assignment 2

1807 words - 8 pages

Assignment 2: Project Motorcycles
M. Owens
Strayer University
Project Management BUS 375
Professor Puckett
October 31, 2013

Select one (1) of the types of project organization that would suit the development of the larger touring class motorcycles.

The project management organization I would use for this instance is pure project management organization. This helps to separate this project from the home company. It will be an independent segment. It will have its own technical staff and administration, which would be linked to the home company's administration. However, these links will not be strong, and it will enjoy some autonomy. This segment will be ...view middle of the document...

A phase-exit review should also be conducted to determine whether the project should continue to the next phase (Archbold).

3. Definition of Project Scope

The team should develop an appropriate Work Breakdown Structure. This will ensure that all the stakeholders in the project understand what's expected to be done throughout the span of the project (Kerzner, 2013, p.529). Ensuring the project's divided into small manageable sub-projects will assist with an easier completion of the project.

4. Initial Plan

The tasks in the Work Breakdown Structure should be organized into logical network diagrams. Estimated durations should also be attached to the individual activities in the network diagrams. These include the earliest start times and latest finish times. This information will help the project manager to estimate the completion times of the projects and assess the feasibility of the targeted days (Kerzner, 2013, p. 537). With this information, he will also be able to determine the critical path for the project.

5. Ascertainment of Resources, Costs and Risks

The project team will then determine the resources required for the project, how to obtain these resources and their cost. Information, when cost occurs can assist in avoiding cash flow problems during the project. Risk assessment should also be made to ensure the project does not have a high risk. Risk management should further be considered to be able to handle problems that are beyond the capacity of the project team.

6. Obtain Stakeholder Buy-in

Support of all the stakeholders involved in the project should be sought to ensure smooth implementation and completion of the project. The initial plans should be reviewed in the presence of all stakeholders and the project team should try to solicit buy-in from each of the stakeholders (Hopkin, 2012). Finally, a phase-exit review should be carried out to determine whether the project is ready to continue to the next stage.

7. Publish the Plan

The plan for the entire project should be published either through electronic means, hard copy, or both (Archbold). It is important to communicate the details of the project effectively to all the stakeholders. To ensure this communication is effective, a communication plan should be developed, so plans can be distributed accurately.

8. Collection of Progress Information

The project manager should closely monitor the project, his team, and should collect project information from time to time. This will assist in preparing progress reports that will include details such as the projects completed within a specified duration, projects planned for the next duration, resources used in the duration, and a forecast of the resources used in the following duration. The growth of the project can also be measured in other ways such as activity float statistics and earned value. If the project manager determines the completion of the project, he will carry out the...

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