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Moulin Rouge Reaction Paper

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Alexis Marie Villamon IX-St. John of the Cross September 1, 2014Moulin Rouge!Moulin Rouge! tells a story on how great love is and can be that it passes all obstacles and "come what may," will last "until my dying day." It shows that even those who don't believe in love can feel it (it gives me a bit of hope though).I have seen this movie countess times as a child and even then, I already understood what it was all about. I was and still am a wild reader plus the ...view middle of the document...

It doesn't just mean that I'm smart (which I believe I am) but it also means that the movie scenes were delivered well.As a Broadway fan and music enthusiast, I'm so glad that they have featured a stage play, countless former chart topper songs and production numbers overflowing with emotion. I also look forward to watching the stage version of this movie (I overheard somewhere that there is a stage version). I just love how the plot goes that even if it obviously has a cliché ending, you would still be eager to watch each scene with your desire for it burning stronger and hotter every passing minute (who wouldn't want to watch those production numbers?).As an aspiring performer, it taught me to be extremely professional and hold on to my character no matter what. And also, their specialty (that really made me want to grab them out of the television and work with them), covering up and do an impromptu performance right there and then flawlessly therefore making the audience think it is all part of the act. It's also the source of the laugh.As Alexis , who is hopefully waiting for her turn, I'm holding on to this line (and as promised, this is my last):"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

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