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Mountain Lion
The topic I chose to research is a mountain lion because I find them to be an interesting living mammal. I have three cats at home and wanted to research the correlation that the mountain lion and cats share. Mountain lions affect society in way that they are an endangered set of mammals because they are known to attack people and children. They once roamed nearly all of the United States. They were prized by hunters and despised by farmers and ranchers who suffered livestock losses at their hands. This has changed my view of science by looking at the mountain lion in a biological, physiological, psychological way.
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However, in North America there are records of births in every month, although the vast majority of births occur in late winter and early spring. Birth weigh of a mountain lion is between 226 to 453 grams. This is related in a biological way to science as generating the species.

The female mountain lion is in heat for approximately 9 days. After a gestation period of 90 to 96 days, one to five young (usually three or four) are born. Female mountain lions usually give birth every other year. After six cycles without mating, the female has a rest for about two months before coming into estrous again. A mountain lion in the wild will not mate until it has established a home territory. When the female mountain lion is in heat, she vocalizes freely and frequently rubs against nearby objects. Male mountain lions remain reproductively active to at least 20 years of age whereas, the females to 12 years of age. This related to a biological science in that natural life and growth of breeding among themselves.
Food Consumption
The mountain lion are carnivore eaters...

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