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When read the book Mountain Wolf Woman, I mainly concentrated on the chapters when Mountain Wolf Woman was at her adult age. This was the time when she turned mature, had her marriage and started to make decisions for her own life. During such a period, Mountain Wolf Woman demonstrated her qualities like self-determination and courage by the instances of how she dealt her unsuccessful first marriage and made tough decisions to overcame the obstacles on the way pursuing her happiness.
Not only in chapter IV, Mountain Wolf Woman had actually established herself as a woman with very strong self-determination throughout the book. But this self-determination was fully presented in the chapter IV ...view middle of the document...

Actually such determination was deeply rooted in her mind when she was about to married her first husband. At that time when her mother was combing her hair and tried to comfort her, her mother told her that she could married whomever herself thought she wanted to marry. Apparently the words from her mother were never meant to persuade Mountain Wolf Woman to divorce with her husband, but she kept them in mind and never forgot! With such a strong self-determination, when she told her husband that she would leave him, she meant it. She went back to her home – Black River Falls and refused to go back with her husband. Considering how significant a marriage would mean for a woman, most of the women could put up with an unsuccessful marriage even in which was filled up with heart-breaking moments. But Mountain Wolf Woman did not give in and never hesitated a second to end such a relationship, especially at that time she had already born two children. She just took her children with her and never returned to her husband again. What a determined female!
In a reward for her courage and determination, Mountain Wolf Woman met her second husband, Bad Soldier, who was responsible, attractive and most importantly treated her well. But initially to be with Bad Soldier was not an easy decision for Mountain Wolf Woman. During Bad Soldier’s approach to her, he had shown much of his qualities like hard working and responsible. Although he seemed to be a quality guy that could be relied on, he had a wife already! On one hand Mountain Wolf Woman could feel the sincerity when she was asked to take out a marriage license together, on the other hand she did not want to marry him as he was abandoning his wife. To be or not to be Mountain Wolf Woman chose the formal one to marry Bad Soldier. She could never be too cautious when it came to her marriage as she had an unsuccessful one. Such a decision took so much courage and most of the people would probably let it go, while Mountain Wolf Woman did it. And it later proved her rightness.
The courage of Mountain Wolf Woman also sparkled during her life with Bad Soldier. One time this couple travelled to Milwaukee for the dancing party, on their way back they had to climb over a high wire-mesh fence. Obviously it would not be very much a problem for Bad Soldier and another male friend to climb over it, but surprisingly when Bad Soldier asked if Mountain Wolf Woman needed any help she said: “it is going to be all right. I am going to come across.” She tucked her skirt between her legs like trousers and then climbed over the fence! Her brave and courageous characteristic made...

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