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Mountainside Industries Consultant Report

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Upon analyzing the ongoing problems facing Mountainside Industries in effort to increase efficiency and reduce production cost. Company-wide resolutions must be implemented. This report comes to the following conclusion that in efforts to rectify the proceeding situations, Mountainside Industries should implement the following; communicate to all employees a shared vision for the company’s future, reconstruct the administrative framework, encourage employees to take initiative, and planning and implementing a proper payroll system that will result in smoother operations and efficiency.

Shared Vision of Company’s Future

Creating a clear and effective future company vision delivers ...view middle of the document...

In order to resolve these issues, the company should introduce a “Code of Ethics” that both administrative and production employees must abide by to keep from any future employee/management complications from arising. This will resolve the current resentment tissues that the employees have incurred for management, and will improve the relationship between management and employee.

Encourage Employees to Take Initiative

In order to encourage employees to become more involved within the company, the need for employees to take initiative on their own to do what needs to be done is the best way to insure the company’s future as profitable. The problem that pertains at Mountainside Industries is that the company lacks in treating all members of the company as valuable, which remains to be a major issue. The workers are unhappy because they feel that there is unfair treatment occurring leading them feel discouraged and invaluable. Employees need to be encouraged and rewarded for being involved, as well as taking initiative, and sharing ideas. In addition to helping the organization save money by reducing costs, improving processes, and delight the company’s ethics, taking initiative...

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