Movie Analysis Assignment: The Breakfast Club

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Movie Analysis Assignment: The Breakfast Club
Assignment Due: July 17, 2012

Sociology of Youth and Youth Cultures


Five high school students, Andy, Brian, Claire, John, and Allison are sentenced to detention and are forced to spend their Saturday in the school library. This unlikely group of teenagers are thrown together and forced to write an essay. The essay is supposed to be about what each individual thinks he or she is.
In this movie, all the social groups are represented. Claire is the pretty popular girl. John is the high school jock. Brian is a nerd. Allison is the girl nobody notices and Andy is a highly sensitive bad boy.
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His views and lifestyle would reach millions of teens as the movie could explore stereotypes and cultures of homosexuality. Society's attitude toward sexuality has changed since the 80’s and many gays/lesbians feel more comfortable with their sexual orientation. I would like to see an “out of the closet” individual who still has to deal with issues of rejection and harassment.
Secondly, in addition to the original five teenagers, I think a minority would bring an interesting outlook to the club. This minority should have the look and swagger Lil’ Wayne. Not only could you get a black perspective on teenage life, but the movie could touch base with hip hop culture which has transcended all ethnic backgrounds.
The hip hop culture is often misunderstood and also brings many stereotypes to mind. These stereotypes include flashy jewelry, explicit language, and angry youth. However, not all hip hop goers smoke weed and wear baggy clothes. The culture has evolved from Adidas sweat suits and gold chains to include intellectuals from many different backgrounds. I think the message this person should send is, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”
Thirdly, I think the jock in this film remake needs to have a lot more muscle. Emilio Estevez did not fit the physical stereotype of a jock. As a matter of fact, he and the nerd were about the same height and size. Today’s jock would be rippling with muscle tone.
Other than the 80’s fashion, I would not change much else about this film including the messages. Several messages were brought to life in this movie and my favorite depicts a school system that is failing the students.
In this case, the principal is representative of the entire system. He is the typical mean principal who is put off by teens and simply does not understand them. He felt like the kids did not respect him and only wanted to rebel against his authoritative power. He revealed this when he talked to himself in the mirror and also in his conversation with the janitor.
The principal’s perception of...

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