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Movie Analysis: "Kingdom Of Heaven", Part A) Answers To General Questions About Movie Part B) Movie Response Essay

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Part A) "Kingdom of Heaven"-Movie Questions-1. Why were people fleeing Europe to join the Crusades?People were fleeing Europe to join the Crusades in search of fortune or salvation. Europe was in a state of disease, poverty and famine; the people suffered greatly. During the Middle Ages, illness and misfortune was considered punishment from God for sins committed. It was thought that in order for people to be free of their despairs they had to ask for forgiveness and find salvation. That was why many people joined the Crusades, to redeem themselves in the eyes of God. Another reason for people to join the Crusades was for adventure, or a new chance at a better life. Men were often discontent ...view middle of the document...

I'd kill him too.5. Why does Bailiam join the Crusades?Bailiam decides to join his father because he just killed a priest. Not only does he need to run from the village, he now must ask for forgiveness for both his and his wife's sins. It was believed that Jerusalem was the "center of the world for asking forgiveness", for Bailiam, he had nothing left for him in his village, where better to go?6. Combat in Medieval Times:Combat was brutal. It was kill or be killed. To be successful in combat, you needed to be steady, strong, clever, and have courage. All throughout the movie you can see examples of fearless men who lived in a time when death was greatly part of everyday life.In large battles, those who had victories were strong willed and used ingenuity. Marking the distances out on the soon to be battle field gave the defenders of Jerusalem an upper hand, as did finding a way to tip the tall towards attacking the walls.In man on man combat, a lot could depend on the stance and the way a sword was held. For example, one of the strongest stances was called the High Guard. This position had the sword raised above the head, arms making a triangle form, feet well grounded, and knees bent for balance. From this position attacks could easily be blocked and countered. Bailiam is often seen using this formation. When he finds the knight in the desert who fights him, he starts off with this High Guard position, and blocks the spear and easily rebounds to ward off the second attack. Hence this formation was even successful against warriors on horse.In general, to be successful in combat you had to know what you had, what you could use. You had to always keep your eyes open and be quick on your toes.7. "To kill an infidel is not murder, it's a path to heaven."This quote is propaganda at its finest. What is good for one is good for all. What is true for one is true for all. This quote is for moral, and for reassurance that to kill someone will get you to heaven, and it comes from the priest's mouth, so it must be true. A path to heaven is pretty appealing to people who are suffering, so just as you motivate a dog with food, the church was motivating crusaders with holiness. This quote reassures, motivates and of course come right out and says that the enemy is below life.8. A) "Kingdom of Heaven"When Godfrey describes to Bailiam what Jerusalem is like, he calls it a kingdom of peace, of conscience, of forgiveness. He says that it is a better world then ever seen; where there is peace between the Christians and the Muslims. It is a place so pure and so noble that it could only be called kingdom of heaven. The only other place similar would be heaven itself.B) "All is as God wishes"This quote basically states that things are the way God wants them to be. There is kindness, peace and harmony. This defines all things that are of God and all that God wishes from people.C) "Holiness is in right action"You cannot be holy simply because you are a crusader and you...

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