Movie Analysis The Genius Club

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The primary goal of this assignment is for your group to apply and demonstrate an understanding of small group theory and principles through analysis of a film.
As a group you are to act as consultants for the small groups in the film. Your overall task is to identify the film group’s strengths and weaknesses based on the concepts discussed in your text book (chapter 8 and 9). Then, demonstrate your ideas with specific examples from the film, and provide suggestions to the group portrayed in the movie in order to make them more effective group members and a more productive group.

Case Study Analysis Questions
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How these conflicts were made known? How were these conflicts resolved or managed? Were these strategies effective and appropriate?
6. Development: Did the group go through developmental phases/stages? Explain. Were the phases followed in order? Explain.
8. Power: How was power distributed among group members? Who possesses which power bases? How did this affect the group?
9. Any other topic your group would like to cover related to human communication and depicted in the movie (identity management, perception, gender, cultural differences, verbal and non -verbal communication).

Group Paper to be turned in
Your analysis and observations need to be turned into a paper that organizes and summarizes your findings. Provide a title page with your group name, group member’s names and students id’s, and the film title. Your paper needs to include the following:
1. Introduction.-Provide an introduction to your paper which briefly describes the plot and the movies importance in relation to small group communication. Here you will explain why the characters can be considered a small group. Include a preview statement of the topics that will be discussed.
2. Case study analysis questions. - Then continue with the answers to the previous questions of the analysis. You may not be able to answer all of them but must at least cover 70% in your analysis. Your analysis must provide specific examples, based on the film, to back your claims. Refer to the text ideas and concepts in your analysis while addressing some of the questions asked for each section. Identify positive and negative qualities that characters illustrated based on the concepts from the text regarding groups and problem solving in groups.
3. Recommendations for the Film Group.-. As consultants, indicate why the behaviors of your characters are inappropriate and suggest ways in which your film group can be a more productive and effective group. Make recommendations if a more effective communication in...

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