Movie Review: Requiem For A Dream

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Drug addiction can be compared to a complicated love story. In the beginning the drug is an escape, that satisfies a craving in the human mind that otherwise is not being fulfilled, just as love satisfies a certain void that simply cannot be quelled by one’s self. This desire to experience this feeling intensifies and soon enough this love story turns into a heart wrenching breakup, that leaves the mind broken only searching for the feeling it once experienced. Requiem for a Dream is a story that follows four Coney Island individuals risking everything they have to follow their dreams. These dreams are soon shattered and consumed by drug addiction. The portrayal of this film is very ...view middle of the document...

After failing to complete a diet, one of her friends tells her about quick weight loss medication, and she decides to try it out.
In the beginning everything seems to be going great. Harry and Tyrone are saving up a significant amount of money, Marion is taking steps in creating her business, and Sarah is losing weight and “likes the way she feels” from the medication. As time progresses each of the character’s addictions gets stronger. When the pervious dosage doesn’t satisfy them, tensions escalate, relationships are tested, and new moral boundaries are set when the “fix” doesn’t come fast enough. Their addictions take hold of their lives and dissolve their dreams completely.
Requiem for a Dream is truly a powerful movie. The director, Darren Aronofshy, captures the emotions of the characters and takes advantage of the audience’s potential fear of addiction. Instead of simply making a documentary that follows the story of four addicts, he presents the story in a way that connects people to the character. Sarah, for example, put so much trust...

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