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Walker Milner is a black American guy, 31 years old; He lives with his mother and sister. His brother died 7 years ago. His father, James Milner, only comes to see them once a month as he runs a weapon warehouse downtown. Walker is currently in a relationship with Jessica who works at the bank.
He used to work for a secret agent company that used to spy on deadly criminals that were undercover, so undercover that even the police didn’t know about these criminals. The company is called D.O.L. They recruited Walker while he was still a teenager and trained him for a few years.
In the D.O.L company, 3 core members know who is in the list and they get the names from a man called The Dodger, whom they have never met and no one in the company knows about his where-about, all they know is that he is a very dangerous man who can be cranky if you ...view middle of the document...

After his last mission, Walker waited for 3 weeks to get orders for his next mission which he was supposed to get after a week. He then decided to go for a suicidal mission to get the list in level 25/room G of the company’s official building. He got his hands on the list…..
….His father was on the list…..on section E.
His brother was on the list with his name ticked.
He stole the only copy of the list and left the building in shock.
Walker left the country 2 days after that. He took his family and his father after telling him that he was on the hit list.
The US records showed that Walker and his family moved to Argentina because his mother got a new job there. But he left on a private plane to Australia, changed his identity and everyone in his family.

The D.O.L had no idea who could have done this.
But they had a clue after walker disappeared, so they started searching for him in Argentina.

Walker was invisible for 4 years in Australia and was now working as a security guard in a jewellery store. One day his way home one day he was drugged and kidnapped by 2 men who looked roughly his age. The next time he opened his eyes, he was tied down on a chair. These two men knew arguably everything about him, and they wanted the list….

They tortured him, beat him up, poured water on him but he never gave them anything. They kidnapped his sister and threatened to kill her. To their surprise, he laughed and told them to go on.
They tried almost every possible thing they could think of but he never gave them anything.
Then one of the guys said he knew how to get him, he left and came after 15 minutes, sat right in front of him, opened KFC and started eating chicken….
“….I don’t have the list with me at the moment but I can tell you the names right now and later you will verify with the list….” Then he started talking.
1. Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
2. Justin Beiber.
3. Miley Cyrus
4. David Moyes
5. Luis Suarez

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