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Mr Drummond Essay

628 words - 3 pages

Franken Blade
Quick Notes
Show relevance of context through a close study of the two texts and how meaning shapes the techniques used.
Don’t re tell the story, however choose textual references careful that help support and justify your argument with both texts, how it is shown through a different way.
Don’t separate essays into chunks; it’s a comparative study. The texts need to be compared, need to integrate discussion. How is this idea shown in both texts, Shelley uses this technique whilst Scott exploits the cinematic device to highlight…
Don’t just analyse characters, analyse ideas, comparisons within the texts.

Ideas within the Text
Both texts present similar ideas, but shown in different ways.

What Shelley emphasises as important through its presence (nature), Scott emphasises as important often through its absence (lack of).
The fundamental need for sustaining the natural world- nature as linked to humanity itself, the life source ...view middle of the document...

“This being you must create.”
Tyrell’s blindness to the need to communicate with his creations of the replicants, “You were made as well as we could make you.” Signifies his disconnection from true humanity.
Roy’s experiences and connections with fellow replicants, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe” highlights what is truly important. As well as the great lengths Roy goes to (approaching Tyrell) in developing more relationships with replicants.

A sense of balance:
A sense of balance between ambition and empathy, meaning allowing one to strive and excel for greatness whilst at the same time understanding the consequences attached with the ambition on others.
Shelley uses Walton and his letters as a vessel to showcase how ambition needs to be supported from empathetic actions. Walton turns back his voyage as he is putting his “crews lives in risk.” The intertextual reference to the ancient mariner “I shall kill no Albatross” highlights the balance evident in Walton’s letters and actions.
Roy shows this idea as well when he saves Deckard from falling; it shows his ability to control his ambition in seeking further replicants. The dove.

Content that Shows Ideas

Victor reflects on his childhood
The monster laments on his hideous birth
‘Poor Justine in unfairly executed
Victor confrontation with the monster on Mount Blanc
Elizabeth is murdered
Victor is blamed for Clerval’s death
Victor’s creation of the monster

Blade Runner:
Deckard’s intimate moment with Rachael
Tyrell is confronted by Roy
Deckard and Roy confrontation and realisation
Pris’ mechanical death
The Voight-Kampff Test
Deckard’s unicorn dream
Sebastian’s home of toy friends
Zora’s brutal death

Techniques Used

First Person perspective
Epistolary narrative form – letters
Gothic style of writing
Romantic style of writing
Pathetic fallacy and metonymy
Symbolism, metaphors and similes
Allusions: Historical, Biblical and Mythological

Blade Runner:
Camera shots
Camera angles
Slow motion effects
Colour/ colour grading

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