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Mraps In To Brigade Combat Team

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As the Army moves toward stability and support operations in Iraq, so does the insurgents’ use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). This causes the Army to change how it transportes its soldiers in the area of operations compared to past engagements. A way the Army is changing is incorporating MRAPs in to Brigade Combat Team (BCT).
I will touch on the impact of incorporating the MRAPs into the BCTs and how it could impact the Army as a whole. Over the past few years, IEDs have proven to be the most lethal and challenging threat in Afghanistan and Iraq. The MRAP has multiple variations and continues to save many lives by providing essential mobile protections for soldiers and personnel ...view middle of the document...

Also BCTs will have to revise and ensure that qualified operators are available to support the arrival of the MRAPs assigned to the BCTs. Certain enlisted MOS such as Motor Transport Operators (88M), Armor Crewman (19K) and Cavalry Scouts (19D) could go through a reclassification because of the inception of the MRAPs vehicles in the midst of tactical formations.
Another impact is the unit’s tactical organization, with the allocation of the MRAPs. Units will need to revise their organizational structure in order to effectively integrate the MRAP capabilities. An example of this is a route clearance team made up from a Brigades Engineer Company. It could be used like a Fire Support Team in BCTs which are normally attached to maneuver battalions for training. Other organizations could similarly attach clearance teams, along with related equipment to various units depending on its mission. A task force commander with a field artillery battalion on deployment that has large howitzers that have limited use can now have the flexibility to reorganize the howitzers sections to develop an internal route clearance capability using his organic MRAPs. The commander is given the flexibility to evaluate Full Spectrum Operations Mission and prioritize his training program to ensure the howitzers section could now function as a route clearing team with MRAP vehicles and associated equipment. The Army is committed to developing and incorporating capabilities into the force more effectively and efficiently than in the past. Integrating MRAPs into formations, fielding capability packages enable the Army to fill prioritized capability gaps into the operational force- based technological readiness, testing and soldier needs.(3)
Despite the challenges of incorporating MRAPs with the cost of both manpower and resources being enormously high, the Army is committed and has considered both issues as required under the acquisition process and found a reasonable balance to meet the need of increased survivability and the mission effectiveness of soldiers. On July 31, 2007, the Administration asked Congress for an increase of 5.3 billion for MRAPs in FY2008. This increase would procure an additional 1,520 MRAPs, provide $30 million for...

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