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Ms Word Turabian Template Essay

851 words - 4 pages

This is a template

title of the document should be all caps and
arranged on two lines if over 48 characters


A Paper
Presented to
Dr. ???? ????????
Reformed Theological Seminary


In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Course
OCE750 Orientation Seminar


Your Full Name Here
Month Year
Paper Title
Normal text. Double spaced, 3/4" indent. Chapter style used with appropriate header gives a 2" drop for section first pages. You can use Chapter style with the paper title or with routine paper headings to begin the paper (Introduction, Conclusion etc.). A thesis requires chapter name ...view middle of the document...

5") from the left margin. There should be no quotation marks at the beginning or end of the citation. It is best to refrain from using such a large amount of quoted material unless it is necessary to your paper. Many times, an author’s command of the language is such that the quotation is much better than your paraphrase. Quotations less than eight lines may be formatted in this manner if it is desirable for emphasis of the quotation.[2]


The format of footnotes should consist of the following information in the order given: (1) author’s name, (2) title and subtitle (if any), (3) name of editor, compiler or translator, if any, (4) number or name of edition, if other than the first, (5) name of the series in which the book appears, if any, with volume or number in the series, (6) facts of publication including place of publication, publishing agency, date of publication, and (7) page number(s) of the specific citation.[3]

Enumerations in Text

Enumerations in the body of your paper should be formatted with parentheses before and after each number as used in the paragraph above. If numbers are used to enumerate the items in a list the periods following those numbers must all be aligned on the page.[4]

Do Not Leave a Heading Widowed at the Bottom of a Page Like This


Margins for research papers should be one inch on all sides. Margins for theses should be one inch on all sides with the exception of the left side. Theses should allow for one and a half inches on the left side for binding purposes.


All pages of a paper must be...

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