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Mtv Chalenges In Arab World Essay

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A company can inspire, introduce and execute change initiatives that help the organization improve by utilizing several key tactics.  Leaders hoping to improve an organization should assess the company, its people, and its marketplace.  They should also explore the firm’s culture, getting to know the company’s history, and how changes can be evaluated as revolutionary or just evolutionary.  Leaders must fortify a vision from their assessments and culture explorations.  This vision identifies the leader’s hopes for what the company should look like in the future.  Plans and strategy emerge from such vision.  However, a new strategy will fall short of its potential if it fails to address the ...view middle of the document...

Measuring the effort of change in terms of results after implementation at every stage . The manager strategy’s has to remove obstacles to change, change structure or system that pose threats to the achievement of the vision.

The projects that a company is evolved in can be an orientation for a manager to know more about the way of the decision were taking , the challenges and the organization culture .

Assessment of a company can help a leader identify existing cultures, challenges, decision making.  When considering changes a company can make to improve its organization, assessment is one of a leader’s prime responsibilities.  Leaders must work with others in the organization to assess the organization’s external and internal environments and specify needed changes in each (Beach, Loc 126).
Culture can sometimes be difficult to change.  Because it is shared, and because it lies at the heart of what they do and think, the organization’s culture provides its members with a common viewpoint that binds them together as a group (Beach, Loc 506).  Culture functions to keep an organization doing what it already is doing (Beach, Loc 677).   Bob Reese shared in the video that changing the status quo is a primary success component. It is because of this status quo that leaders must perform the assessment into an organization’s culture, and both understand and appreciate it.  
Assessment and understanding of culture brings effective leaders to a point where their vision can be fortified.  The vision is a narrative, a story that tells the organization who it is now and who it ideally will be at some time in the future (Beach, Loc 767).  Fortunately, effective leadership, excellent communication, and high emotional intelligence can permit leaders to share their vision, and help influence change through that vision.  People often confuse vision with plans (Beach, Loc 768).  Plans come from vision, and in...

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