Mtv Network: The Arabian Challenge Essay

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MTV Network: The Arabian Challenge

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MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge 3
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There are many challenges that a company faces when they are expanding operations to compete in a global market. Factors such as culture, economy, and government regulations are challenges that many companies face in order to compete and expand into a global market. Negotiation is a key term that is the platform that allows organizations to develop and diverge into other countries and nations. Building relationships ...view middle of the document...

Major Problems

The first challenge was deciding on the audience and identifying cultural elements. They needed to find the balance between delivering international quality music in a culturally sensitive environment. Another major obstacle MTV was faced with was the ability to find the balance and designing programming that accommodates to the Arabian culture, while also keeping a competitive advantage. Many Middle Eastern countries are highly regulated government and deep in cultural traditions. The explicit programming and music MTV highlights in the western cultures would not be the perfect fit for the Arabian culture. There needed to be a solution that would help MTV bridge the gap and cater to their new audience.

Moreover, after conducting extenuating research and acting as a culturally unifying force, MTV was preparing for a launch into the Middle East. This occasion was one of the biggest and most gratifying events in MTV’s and Arabian history. MTV was able to overcome and adapt, and in the end still be able to provide a service to the nation. There were also some key leaders from the American side as well as from the Arabian culture that helped MTV along the way. The launch proved to be a success and created new jobs; new business ventures, and opened the airway into the Middle East. “The launch of MTV”60th channel is a chance to correct misconceptions of the region…the one thing that music can do is act as a unifying cultural force across regions (Deresky, 2011).”

Continuing, MTV also had to overcome the obstacle of identifying resources and human capital to outline the television shows and music that would be aired on the network. Many Middle Eastern countries are high-context cultures and rely heavily on tradition. This is a challenge MTV faced regarding developing content for the Arabian network. Overall, MTV faced several barriers before they were able to launch their network; however, with the help of many people in the Arabian countries they were able to successfully launch their network.

Cross-Culture Negotiations and Decision Making

Issue Overview

Chapter five of the textbook discusses the concerns and processes of cross-cultural negotiation as well as using the influence of culture on decision making. One of the greatest struggles MTV had to overcome in launching their network in the Middle East was between the explicit content portrayed on MTV and the conservative culture prevalent in the Middle Eastern region. MTV’s research of the Arab culture and the negotiation process that followed was imperative to the success of their business venture.

The Negotiation Process

Negotiation is defined as the process of discussion where two or more parties try to come to a mutually accepted agreement. (Deresky, 2011) Chapter Five of our textbook describes the five main steps in the negotiation process: preparation, relationship building, exchange of task-related information, persuasion, and...

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