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Multi Project Case Analysis

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Module: Project Management: Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving (M1)
Case : Multi Projects Inc.

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Jeff guy is poor in communication and demonstrated a poor understanding of ethics and moral .Since he has been anxious to get a challenging project to manage now that he has one, he is trying his level best to make himself look good in the expense of others by not following the procedure and showing less respect which indicate a lack in team workmanship . Since he promised Growin Corporation during the proposal 6 months ago that Tyler the person that the company seems to have an over reliance in to will be the lead system engineer on the project .Tyler is fulltime assigned to Goodold project which is not a problem in a matrix. To fulfil that promise he is making sure that Tyler works with him. Tyler is permanently reporting to Jennifer his manager and now temporarily is reporting to Jullie who is the project manager for Goodold project and he can be assigned to different projects. Arrogant Jeff should have ask/propose to Jennifer to assign Tyler to him as well but he did not but undermined Jennifer who has poor leadership skills. Tyler is fed up with Goodold project apparently he is not learning anything new and because of his work load and associated travelling he does not get to see Jennifer very often which created a communication breakdown and which is very wrong for the matrix structure hence Jennifer was not aware until he mention it after he was ask by Jeff. At list they should have maintain regular meeting and work closely, Jennifer as astonished as she is now she is told by Jeff to assign someone else .The is a poor team workmanship ,colleagues do not know each other ,communication is terrible .Jennifer as manager fail act as leader and address Jeff that’s poor leadership .Multi project needs to improve most of its processes like planning of a project and coordination are very poor hence Tyler and Jennifer they are not aware of this new project and who is doing what and when ,no proper communication at all. Conclusion the matrix in Multi projects is not working needs to be realigned and as much as they are successful, interpersonal relation training is needed .

Multi projects Inc. is a well-established consulting firm with a good reputation which grew quite significantly with in a period of two years. Its growth is attributed to the fact that it has been able to maintain good customer relations, both to old and new customers. They have various consulting activities that they undertake ranging from short term and multi-year contracts. Clients prefer to work with people that they know and can trust. Multi Projects Inc. has built relations and established foundations for successful funding and contract opportunities. They have also adopted the matrix organisational structure. Pg452
The matrix structure is a typical because it brings together employees and managers from different department to work towards accomplishing a goal. In other words it is a cross-functional team that brings together individuals from different...

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