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Multicultural Education Essay

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Multicultural Education

Adjust lesson plans to in cooperate cultural differences
Acknowledge differences among students

Do not hold students’ beliefs against them
Do not allow personal beliefs to get in the way of accepting students for who they are


Reframe from stereotyping students because of their cultural background
Be mindful of religious beliefs when talking with students

Culture is a word that has no one specific definition, but rather, a term with various definitions. The most basic definition is that culture is a system of collective ideas, behaviors, beliefs, values, and artifacts that ...view middle of the document...

This is accomplished through multicultural education.
According to James A. Banks (2006), multicultural education is an idea, an educational reform movement, and a process whose major goal is to change the structure of education institutions so that male and female students, exceptional students, and students who are members of diverse, racial, ethic, language, and cultural groups would have an equal chance to achieve academically in school. Multicultural education involves education and instruction designed to enhance the bridging of educators with the communities in which they work. It helps build respect and foster a positive environment for students as well as for instructors.
Banks identified five major components to help teachers in any content area implement multicultural education in their classrooms—content integration, knowledge construction process, equity pedagogy, prejudice reduction, and empowering school culture and social structure. All of these components have a common goal, and that is, to promote equality for all students.
The task of educating students is a daunting task which requires teachers to think more and more outside the box in order to reach their students. In order to do so, it is imperative that multicultural education become an intricate part of every teacher‘s portfolio. Educators could use strategies such as role playing, cooperative learning, group discussions, and active involvement to promote multicultural perspective learning. These strategies will allow not only the students to appreciate other cultures, but, the teacher as well.
By implementing multicultural education into lesson plans, teachers are able to ensure that students at any grade level will appreciate differences among their peers, even though, they may not understand or agree with other cultures. For example, a teacher could assign groups that are made up of students from different backgrounds, whether it is social, cultural, or religious. This will enable students to learn from one another about differences that exist in our society. Also, this would promote equal opportunity for all involved in the educational process within the classroom.
Unlike the past, today’s schools are a melting pot of diverse students from all walks of life. Some educators have a difficult time coming to the realization that America has changed from what it once was and therefore, the make-up or our schools have changed. Multicultural education involves changes in the total school or educational environment; it is not limit to curriculum changes (Banks 2009; Banks & Banks 2001). It can empower students to be proud of whom they are and enable them to assist their family in standing up against prejudices. Along with empowering students, multicultural education makes it possible for educators to get a better understanding of all of their students.
In order to establish a respect for other cultures in the classroom, teachers must move beyond...

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