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Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

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Multiculturalism in Canada

I think Canada has lost its national identity overtime due to the cultural diversity of its people. Because Canada has so many different cultural groups, the ideas of what makes a true Canadian are not all common amongst Canadians. The issue of multiculturalism is spreading throughout Canada and all the different cultures have distorted the real meaning of Canadian identity. When someone asks a Canadian what his nationality is, he doesn't reply, "Canadian". Instead, he would say "German", "Asian", or "Scottish". It's because we, as Canadians, don't see ...view middle of the document...

com). However, to me, culture is your background and your traditions; It get passed on to you from elders. It is very important to a group of people or a nation because this is the only thing they can pass onto their younger generations. Canadian culture, to me, means having a group of people who either born or live here and know a bit of everything in different groups. I say that because people in Canada are very multicultural, and it is this multiculturalism that makes us Canadians. It is also this multiculturalism that we can develop our Canadian Identity. Multiculturalism to me means to have many cultures. I don't consider it as an idea worth continuing and developing in Canada. In fact I think being so multicultural will corrupt the true meaning of identity because one cannot adapt to so many different cultures all at once. And if you choose to adapt to none at all, then you're not a Canadian.
In my opinion, I believe Canada lacks a real national identity because of multiculturalism. "Canada's official policy of multiculturalism is dividing Canadians, not increasing understanding between them..." (Bissoondath, 1994) I believe this is true because like the First Nations, we all want to self-govern ourselves. However, if we do that, then we will be returning to the past, where people of the same race all isolate themselves from other races. Then our country, Canada, would "die".

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