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Multimedia content is something that is presented thru video or audio image. It could be a video presentation or and image with sound in it. There are a lot of formats available to develop all sorts of multimedia content. Many of them are implemented to the current websites. Most of companies that advertise on the internet attach promotion videos or images of their products in order to be able to display them to the customer in the best possible way. Multimedia elements are necessary to deliver the best user experience which could often be the selling point. Multimedia elements can be either a still image or animation which is made of a series or still images. Another multimedia components ...view middle of the document...

Due to the fact that many people like to get their information and entertainment on the go there are new places where information is being made available. Most of people in our society today have smartphones with access to the internet which enables them to view content from all around the world thru websites or mobile apps which allow for a wide verity or multimedia content which makes receiving of the information much more interesting. Applications such as Play Newsstand compete with traditional newspaper reading as they allow the biggest news agencies to put their articles on the platform. The news broadcasters are clustered in one place so the user can choose the topic that interests him or her and view articles from a selected number of preferred news titles. Particular publishers might impose costs on their articles but many allows their content to be viewed for free.

I started studying at the Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2014 in pursuit of developing my technical knowledge and IT skills. My interests are mostly related to programming subjects and app design. Before I started going to...

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