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Multinational Capabilities And Considerations Point Paper

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212 May 2013

Spiritual Formation Growth Plan
Dr. Mel Lawrenz in his book The Dynamics of Spiritual Formation states the spiritual formation facts:
“Whatever one’s spiritual temperament, the basic facts are constant: We are dead in sin, rebirth by the spirit of God is the only path to spiritual life, and that life must develop in a lifelong process of growth, integration, and transformation.”[1]
Dr. Lawrenz’s “A lifelong process of growth, integration and transformation” helped me reflect my spiritual journey.
My last 26 years of Christian life has been a sinner’s struggling journey though God’s grace is sufficient to me. My spiritual life reflected my worldly ambitious prodigal life.

It’s a new begin though I desire to close to our Lord daily. Now I ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Mel Lawrenz is right when he emphasizes “God grows what he makes.” For my spiritual growth I must know that growth is not just increase, but shaping. And growth requires time, care, and nourishment, and thus I must have a spiritual growth plan by God’s grace.
Goal Statement
This semester my goal in the area of spiritual formation is to gain at least four new insights about the grace and wisdom and compassion of God from traditions other than my own.
Learning Strategies
1. Reflect weekly on Jeremiah 31:31-34 to
Understand how great God’s covenant is
Of Grace to me. Written reflections 12/15
2. Read Grace – God’s unmerited Favor
By C.H. Spurgeon One page summary 12/15
3. Read The Dynamics of Spiritual Formation
By Mel. Lawrenz.
4. Read D. L. Moody’s on Spiritual Leadership
5. Interview Professor Dr. Smith for
Suggestions on other Christian traditions.
1. Reflect on my personal accountability to Christians from other traditions
2. Reflect on my formative service to try to dig the deep biblical meaning of service and also move people towards service.
1. Spend 20 minutes in contemplative
Prayer response to my daily scripture
Reading. One page pattern log weekly
2. Identify readings from greatest spiritual
Leaders in the history of church to my
Spiritual journey and needs. Written list to mentors 12/30
3. Develop one-year plan for reading
From list #2 including reflection and
Accountability mechanism. Written plan 12/15
1. Discuss progress and questions with
Mentoring team. Integrative report weekly
2. Three discussions with a spiritual
Director recommended by Dr. Smith. One page summary monthly

[1] Mel Lawrence, The Dynamics of Spiritual Formation (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2000), p.28.

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