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Music Affect Essay

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How Does Music Affect Us?
“Music is one of the best ways to enjoy the present.  It's not much fun to look forward to hearing music or to remember what a song sounded like last week, but music right now absorbs you and places you in the moment.”
Terri Guillemets

Music has an enormous influence on our emotional state and sometimes life.
It raises our moral; it relaxes people or kills sorrow when necessary. Some people listen to it just for the melody, others concentrate on the lyrics.

Listening to more music is a powerfully enriching tool

* Music gives us the positive energy in the morning and calms down in the evening. People become more energetic after listening to music. We can influence the energy of our body with the energy of music.
* With music you can turn your thoughts in a particular direction. When you ...view middle of the document...

The information being studied activates the left brain. And the music activates the right brain. Also, activities which use both sides of the brain at the same time cause the brain to be more capable of processing information.
In accordance with The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, learning potential can be increased a minimum of five times. From the history we know that the ancient Greeks sang their dramas because they realized how music could be helpful for them. After singing they could remember some information easier.
A famous Bulgarian psychologist, Dr. George Lozanov, invented a way to teach foreign languages. Students could learn up to one half of the vocabulary and phrases for the whole school term (about 1,000 words or phrases) in a day. The average retention rate of the students was 92%. He used certain classical music pieces from the baroque period which have around a 60 beats per minute pattern. Dr. George Lozanov claims that foreign languages can be learned with 85-100% efficiency in only thirty days if the students use these baroque pieces.

Music Boosts Neurological Development for Brain Injury Patients

Music doesn’t only raise your mood or relax it also helps patients in making recovery. Many researchers state that traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients can greatly benefit from music therapy. It is evident that music can have a positive effect on the rehabilitation of neurons in the brain though more researches are still necessary. In some hospitals the treatment programs include music therapy. Such programs are prescribed for many TBI patients.

Where you can get music for free

People of all ages use such popular social networking websites as MySpace, Facebook, Lastfm, GrooveShark, SoundCloud, Youtube, Tuppy. It’s a great opportunity to share music on network. You can upload or listen to your favorite tracks for free.
Music is really crucial how it can affect our emotional state!

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