Music Connects Us To Time And Place

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Running Head: HU300 Art and Humanities 20th Century and Beyond Unit 4 assignment

HU300 Unit 4 Assignment
September 18, 2012

In 1958, ten years prior to my birth, my mother Fran Aronofsky and her 5 brothers (Lenny, Marvin, Donald, Kenny and Dennis) had recorded Doo Wop style Rock and Roll records as Fran Arrow and The Arrows with Producer David London in Brooklyn, New York.
The songs they played included some cover versions of popular favorites such as "A Thousand Stars" and "I Enjoy Being a Girl", but recorded in a more upbeat Rock and Roll tempo, as well as some original songs written by my uncle, Donald like "The Coney Island Rock" and "Never Let You Go"
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You're gonna go far, You're gonna fly high, You're never gonna die, You're gonna make it, if you try; They're gonna love you") until my mom tells me what happened to The Arrows; Basically my mom said that, "we were great and would have been the next big rock stars of the 50's, like the Crickets but my mom (my grandma) was afraid to sign any contracts because she couldn't afford a lawyer and didn't want her underage daughter to get mixed up with the wrong people." My grandma told her, "you'll sing to your children, you don't need to sing for strangers and you don't need to sing for money!" and that was it for the dream of Fran Arrow and the Arrows. And that is exactly what mom did, she sang to me and my brothers, sometimes to cheer us up and sometimes as a form of torment but always out of her heart.

Traveling was always a time for music, as my family would travel every summer by car across the United States for several weeks at a clip. There is only so much you can do in a car back in the 1970's there were no ipods yet and tape players were not as efficient, the batteries would die out quickly and the earpiece was uncomfortable and sounded terrible, so we all took turns chosing a station for a few songs. My dad was up for anything he could move to, as he loved to dance, so he would put on R&B greats like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and anything Disco or Studio54ish. Mom liked vocalists such as Mario Lanza, Elvis Presley and Perry Como, but she also dug folk singers like Peter, Paul and Mary and Joni Mitchell. My older brother was more into reading and playing chess, he usually liked to turn the radio off for his turn and wanted to talk or have a discussion without the radio on (Ugh! that annoyed the crap out of me!). As for me, I liked whatever was hot, popular, funny or made a statement of some kind, a message of sorts. As the Counting Crows said, "I want to be Bob Dylan Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky When everybody loves you, son, that's just about as funky as you can be" and yes, I do love Bob Dylan's work. To understand Dylan, one must first see what Dylan saw and feel what Dylan felt! Go back to Dylan's first 1962 album,...

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