Music Influence On Society Essay

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Since the time when a men heart a birth’s song for the first time and found it beautiful and appealing, music has been an integral part of our lives. It allows us to express our feelings and emotions, brings us together; help’s us to discover ourselves.
From the ancient times music accompanied every important event in people’s lives. It was played before hunt, at weddings and funerals, at religious ceremonies and public events. Music made people feel ...view middle of the document...

For many years church thought that music comes from God. Composers of that time never sighed under the songs they wrote because they feared opposing the church postulates and take credit for something that “comes from God”. Sacred music was sung in churches by the chorus, without any accompaniment, to encourage communication with God and invoke worship feelings.
In nowadays, music is often being criticised for corrupting children’s and teenagers’ minds. Some people see the vulgar language of rap music lyrics as the main cause for street murders and drug problems of youngsters. More and more parents insist that rap music should be censored and thus made suitable for their kids to listen to. The lyrics of the rap singers, however, reflect the problems in our society and forbidding them to sing about their life will not make the problems disappear. Indeed, it might be a better idea to try to deal with the causes that make these rap singers write such lyrics rather then to impose a censorship over the thins they say.
In conclusion, music is the common language people of different nations and races use to communicate with each other. Without music the world would not be what it is now but much darker and sadder place.

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