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Music Interpretation Essay

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Title of music example as given in the link name: | Piece No. 1 |
Your Paper Title: | Cheerfulness and Regality |
Course number, course name | HUM 2510, Understanding Visual and Performing Arts |
CRN | 11029 |
Semester | Spring 2013 |
Date submitted: | 3/22/13 |
Preceptor Name: | Parker Hathcock |
Instructor Name: | Corie Montoya |
Total Word Count (excluding cover page and any list or chart you may include) | 1,044 |

2. Introduction / response / statement of over-all effect
Upon first hearing this piece, I was completely uplifted in mood. The sharp and fast paced strings instruments gave off a cheery and lively vibe that resonated ...view middle of the document...

General structure
This piece is divided into three parts. The first part is a louder, more upbeat section with a medley of brass and string instruments with faint percussion in the background. The piece repeats the same motif a few times and then abruptly transitions into a more piano piece with a completely different melody. The tempo does not change in this transition, but the melody and sound difference are enough to make this section contrast strongly with the original, as well as the absence of the percussion. They are occasional spikes in loudness during the quieter part, but the transition back to the original motif is still abrupt. The original motif is then played a few times, and then it ends.
b. Temporal (time-related) qualities
The tempo of this piece for the initial and final sections was quite easy to find. It is very obviously triple meter during these two sections and quite fast. During the middle part, the tempo may have slowed down just a little bit, but it was much harder to find the beat when the instruments are playing so softly and the percussion is absent.
c. Instruments and/or voices used
The instrument groups used in this piece were the strings, the brass, and some percussion in the beginning and ending. The strings seem to be composed as a large group, creating the majority of the sound. The brass instruments, most likely trumpets and trombones, are more than one, but not on equal quantity with the strings. The percussion on snare seems to be a lone player, with no other percussionists. The timbre of this piece is quite fluid; the brass and string instruments seem to meld together and produce one sound for the majority of this piece.
d. Dynamics (loudness and softness)
The level of sound changes a few times in this piece. The piece is quite loud in the beginning, and then abruptly goes soft for the middle section. The contrast between the dynamics creates an exciting vs. calming effect for the piece. The sound picks back up for the end of this piece, again starting abruptly. It transitions from a soothing, quieter sound to a loud, exciting section quickly.

4. Formal analysis – what makes this composition a unified whole?
The unity of this piece is expressed in many different ways. One of the first examples is the...

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