Music Is Important Essay

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Music is Important.
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August 26, 2010

Music is Important.
Economical problems in the United States have prompted school districts to find ways to lower their budget. A lot of times, these school districts ponder cutting music programs from schools as a way to save money. Some districts view music as being insignificant compared to other curriculums and may not recognize that music can play a role in providing students with a better education. The benefits that come from music programs are too vital to lose from schools. They can help to improve students mentally, emotionally, educationally and can also help promote good leadership skills.
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When singing, students learn a repetitive process that can also help memory skills to expand. This is extremely imperative for the improvement of speech, tone, and/ or literacy. Studies done by a university in the United Kingdom, demonstrated how musicians compared to non musicians have significantly higher memory skills in these areas (Crooks, Dankovicová, House, & Jones, 2007). All of these memory abilities are essential for a young mind. Assuring that music programs are provided in schools and stay in schools, then these programs can assist with sharpening these much needed skills for students.
An important mental ability for students to have is creativity. Music promotes creativity and is actually creativity at its best. Music programs and music itself can provide encouragement to students for expanding their imagination. Psychologists have shown that musicians tend to view things differently and use their imaginations for greater creativity than non musicians (Baeck, 2002). The creativity that music programs contribute to students helps them to use their imagination, open their minds to exploring new ideas, and encourages them to search for more knowledge.
Music also helps increase reasoning aptitude, which is a needed mental ability for students to learn for problem solving techniques. These skills can help students in many ways, such as; problem solving techniques, matching, evaluating, and composing, just to name a few. Music helps increase reasoning skills by challenging the mind to think and exercise the thought process. A group dedicated to researching ways to improve education, did a study on students that were involved in music programs compared to those who were not involved in a music program (Olsen, 1996). Their findings showed that students who participated in music had higher reasoning skills than other students. Music programs can provide students with greater reasoning ability, which can then help those students, succeed in other curriculums.
Next, music can assist students in controlling their emotions. There are times that emotions can make it difficult for a student to concentrate. Emotionally troubled students can make it harder for teachers to educate the other students as well. These interruptions can break a student’s concentration when it is most needed. Music courses and music itself can help reduce stress and help students to become more emotionally stable.
Many students participate in music classes as a way to reduce stress. Most people understand and know music can help to relax our emotions. Stress can cause problems for students and make it hard for them to focus in school. According to a therapist, listening to music and participating in music can facilitate stress reduction (Mellskog, 2009). Music can relieve stress issues and help students to concentrate on other classes. The therapeutic effects that music offers can ensure that students receive the knowledge that teachers are providing.

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