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Music Production Essay

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Music Production

Over the past few decades, electronic music and its respective genres have revolutionized the music industry by creating new styles of music that have evolved the aesthetics of the popular songs we hear today. The process of composing today's music via a computer and software has become infinitely more efficient compared to traditional recording, which mainly uses acoustic instruments and “old-school hardware”. The process of composition has been stream-lined and revolutionized over the recent years, thus opening more doors for artists’ originality and creativity

To learn the ropes of music production, one can learn to be a producer by attending recording or music ...view middle of the document...

Music producers may also confer with directors of movies or television programs in order to determine the placement of a song.
(Recording Connection 1)

When it comes to what you physically need to be a music producer, a computer is naturally a must-have piece of hardware. One can produce a good sounding track with almost any kind of modern computer. A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is also a requirement. The DAW is a software environment in which you create and compose the music and it is one of the most essential components in one’s music studio. To put it simply, it’s music making software. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) synthesizers and effects are also a must if you’re going to start making music digitally with a computer. VSTi’s (VST instruments) are virtual synthesizers that produce different kind of sounds. You can use them just like you would use real hardware , only difference being that they’re software and you install them just like any other application, then open them within a DAW to compose melodies and make music. (“How to Make Electronic Music” 1)

One thing virtually all ‘computer generated’ music has in common is the use of samples. Samples are sound bytes, anywhere from really small blips to lengthy ambient noises, sometimes spanning the entire length of the song. The triggering of samples in an interesting way is what creates the rhythm and atmosphere of the song. Most electronic drum beats consist entirely of triggered samples.
A sampler is a program or device which is used to record and trigger sound samples, usually included in the main production software. In the 80's, sampling started to take over as the preferred method for editing music. If a performance in the first chorus of a song was better than the subsequent choruses, the part could easily be sampled, or recorded to another tape machine, and literally pasted to the other choruses. This greatly simplified the recording process for background vocals that were difficult to perform and require many tracks to capture. Rather than having the vocalists record every section of the song with the same part, it was much easier to record it well, once, and then paste it to the other sections of the song where it was needed. These devices and techniques are the heart of today’s electronic music; they are the engines which produce the actual sounds you hear. Changing and...

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