Muslim And Arab Stereotyping By Western Media

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Muslim and Arab Stereotyping By Western Media

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Muslim and Arab Stereotyping By Western Media

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This research objectively is talking about the negative growing relationship ...view middle of the document...

Arab intellectuals made it feasible for Western scholars to develop and practice advanced educational systems.

Through immigration, adaptation, and birth ... Arab Muslims are considered to be America’s fastest rising religious group; about 700,000 reside in many parts all over the states. . .

Are Arab and Muslims aware of the pressures they now face? “Do they understand how millions of Europeans, Americans, Africans, Asians and Australians -- Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, those who ascribe to a score of other religions and those who ascribe to no religion whatsoever -- today see them due to the western stereotyping?”

This Study Aims to show the real Arab and Muslims and to prove that all the false images used to stereotype are just Exaggerations made by the media…


Arab Muslims immigrate into America and Europe, they have found it difficult to tolerate the false concepts of Islam and Arab. Arab Muslims are not people of hatred and violence, but they respect all humans. [1] Clarified that Arab and Muslims like Americans and they respect their pioneering science and technology, they also like their values of freedom and democracy. And this is what Islam confirms about, it is the religion that calls for principles, tolerance, morality, mercy, and faith. “Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, are viewed as barbarians who harbour a total disregard for human life.”[2]

The relationship between the West and Arab Muslims had some inconsistencies and convulsions in the last few years through media, and these were shown in the form of releases after the rigidity and monotony. [3] clarified that Arab Muslims and Western people fear and worry toward each other stemmed from their unawareness of each other. “The West has partial and biased knowledge about Islam and failed to understand Islam fully. They always positioned Muslims as barbaric and primitive communities who are fond of war” [3].

Stereotyping of Arab and the west is a clash of civilization which was raised before the world trade Centre attack, and after the attacks it was raised violently over and added the new stimulating conflict between Islam and the West is to support the Western governments and particularly America unfair campaigns against Arab Muslims world in the Western media.

The Western media has often anticipated Arab and Muslims in a negative way in all media types. They made a lot of movies spreading false images about arab and Muslims, Even Newspapers use false key words such as rebels, terrorists and fanatics to describe Arabs.

“A yet more recent stereotype is the "Bomber", to which is added the prefix "Arab-" or "Muslim-". This stereotype is unique. Never, for example, were the members of the Bader Meinhoff group called "German" terrorists or the members of the Red Brigade referred to as "Catholic" terrorists. "Bomber", thus, denotes more than just abhorrent criminal behavior; it has come to connote a society and a...

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