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Mutual Fund Manager’s Role In An Investment Firm

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A Mutual Fund Manager’s Role in an Investment Firm

A Mutual Fund Manager’s Role in an Investment Firm. As a fund manager, I make decisions directly related in the returns of the fund and this decision could easily be tracked as performance based. I also need to make optimal decision since my salary and incentives are directly related to the outcomes of my decision. In addition, the performance of my mutual fund portfolio could easily be tracked by investors and the investment firm. With this information, they can make a comparison with other mutual funds in the industry. The investment firm could also track my progress by evaluating my performance with my counterpart in different ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, we will look for opportunities for our stakeholders to make dividends. We will perform our due diligence on all of these factors prior to making a commitment into Facebook.
Facebook SWOT
Facebook began in 2004 as a brainchild of a first year student of Harvard. Mark Zukerberg is an entrepreneur whose biography and story on how he started the company was featured in a Hollywood movie, “The Social Network”. Since then, Facebook immediately became a well-known social networking service with 900 million subscribers currently and still growing. It is a site wherein businesses and individuals can sign-up and create a free profile. They can also upload pictures contact and personal information. (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2000-2012).
Facebook has 900 million active regular users and has opportunities to expand and grow. The company’s name is synonymous with social networking especially after the blockbuster Hollywood movie was made. The movie created hype and also in a way gave credibility to the founders. Similarly, tech giants such as Apple and Google started out as pioneers in their own industry. Another plus factor is at this time there is no real competitor to Facebook as far as social networking is concerned. Facebook made $2 billion in revenue in 2010. Facebook is conquering the display ad market. Facebook compared to Google and Yahoo is growing the fastest. Current internet users spend most of their time online on Facebook. There are new growing sources of revenue such as transaction fees on games by Zynga (makers of Farmville). Zynga annual revenue is estimated at $1billion and they pay Facebook a 30 percent transaction fee (LearnVest, 2012).

Some critics argue that Facebook is becoming mature with its membership even though the site has astronomical amount of regular traffic. They also stated that Facebook with almost 1 billion subscribers has acquired most of its potential customer base. Others also say that Facebook’s management is fairly young compared to standard global business management/corporations whose top management is in their forties. In addition, the latest debacle in investment news is Facebook’s IPO at $38 per share. However, in less than a week the stock lost 25 percent and now is roughly worth $28 per share.
Facebook currently makes their money through advertising. There is definitely an opportunity to expand as the business grows. If they start charging fees for subscription even at a dollar monthly rate, it would generate a whopping $1 billion monthly income. A part of this income could go into Facebook’s research and...

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