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Mvn Os In Africa: Mvn Os Gaining Momentum By Capitalizing On Niche Segments

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With more than 1,200 MVNOs operating worldwide, the presence of MVNOs has been limited in Africa, accounting for 1.4% of global MVNO subscribers. Kenya and South Africa are currently the most developed MVNO markets in terms of penetration, with 3.5% and 1.6% of mobile subscriptions being served by MVNOs at end-2015, respectively. The growing population of the region coupled with increasing mobile penetration and data usage, the introduction of mobile financial services and efforts by regulators to establish legal frameworks specific to MVNOs are some of the factors which will provide a boost to the MVNO market in Africa

Key Findings
– Niche and retail MVNO business models are the most prevalent in Africa, accounting for 35% and 20%, respectively, of total MVNOs in the region. Ethnic and MNO sub-brand MVNOs account for 15% and 10%, respectively, while the market share of ...view middle of the document...

Unique MVNO strategies could prove disruptive and boost market competition.

‘MVNOs in Africa: MVNOs Gaining Momentum by Capitalizing on Niche Segments’ report provides an overview of the MVNO market in Africa and covers a variety of business models adopted by MVNOs to target their local markets.

It consists of:

– Definitions and MVNO business model explanations.

– Overview of global and regional MVNO market evolution, and analysis of common business models adopted by MVNOs in Africa.

– Case studies on key MVNOs in Africa, including an overview of key segment(s) targeted, market strategies and results.

– Key findings based on the study of MVNO business models in the region and a set of recommendations for mobile operators, MVNOs and regulators.

Reasons To Buy
– Gain understanding of MVNO markets and their evolution in Africa, to identify market opportunities.· Align market strategies by analyzing the various MVNO business models being used by existing and new MVNOs in Africa.

– Gain understanding of the competitive landscape and successful strategies, to strengthen your positioning in the market versus existing MVNOs.”

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