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My Air Force Story Essay

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The United States Air Force (USAF) is composed of a diverse workforce. Its men and women come from all walks of life and their contributions make the USAF the world’s premier fighting force. I’m a proud member of this dedicated team of professionals. My Air Force story is, but one out of thousands of others illustrating the diverse backgrounds and values our Airmen bring to our force, the experiences that shape our understanding of the profession of arms, and the contributions we make to the Air Force’s mission.
The driving force behind the Air Force’s success story is the caliber and diverse background and values of its Airmen. Their diversity and values provide a cadre of well ...view middle of the document...

Driven on becoming a USAF officer, I embarked on a four year long journey which saw me fail at achieving a commission as a civilian, but persevere and overcome adversity to eventually earn a commission as an enlisted Airman. Having earned my enlisted stripes and now wearing these bars on my collar has been a rewarding experience that I would not trade for anything. Along this journey, I’ve met some great leaders who have made my success their priority. Their devotion to duty and willingness to mentor their people inspired and shaped my leadership style.
Likewise, my deployments to both Afghanistan (2008) and Iraq (2009) were timely career broadening experiences that helped me grow as a leader. While both deployments allowed me to support our sister services and coalition partners, my experience at Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq was the most rewarding. As the J1, Director of Personnel, for Joint Contracting Command-Iraq/Afghanistan (JCC-I/A), I was able to distinguishably serve and honor the three hundred and twenty-five great men and women of JCC-I/A. I took pride in working their personnel issues so they could in turn focus on getting the war fighters the tools they needed for the fight. Additionally, this opportunity also provided me with a solid understanding of wartime acquisition and a glance at the training challenges facing our Air Force and sister services. Whether it was advocating for JCC-I/A’s manpower requirements to United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), Government Accountability Office (GAO), or simply drafting a Purple Heart medal for one of our wounded soldiers, at the end of the day, I felt like I was making a difference.
As a Force Support officer, I have a big impact on the quality of life for our Airmen. The 38F career field...

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