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My Autobiography My Life Essay

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I was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania the day after the Korean armistice was signed (29 July, 1953), and am the daughter of an anesthetist (father) and a prison deputy warden (mother). My mother was 100% Lithuanian; my father is Lithuanian and Siberian. My father served in both the Navy and the Air Force. I have five sisters, one brother, one stepsister, two half brothers, and two half sisters. My family moved a lot when I was young. I recall having lived in 25 places before we moved to Fort Payne, Alabama in 1967. My parents divorced; we lived with our mother a while, and then my father won custody of me and my 5 siblings. He had married a 19-year-old divorcee. She (my step-mother) ...view middle of the document...

I had that job for about four years. My husband and I owned a newspaper for a few years. Then, I went to work for the local hospital as an inpatient admitting officer. While I was working there, I gave birth to my daughter, Katy; after I started back to work a year later, I began working part time as an outpatient admitting officer. One of the doctors saw how fast I could type and offered me a full-time job in his office. I worked for him a couple of years, and then applied for a state job.

In December, 1981, I was hired by the State of Alabama as a Clerk-Stenographer II. Seven years later, I joined the Alabama Army National Guard (2 weeks before I was to turn 35). The recruiter told me I only missed one question on the ASVAB. I was Distinguished Honor Graduate at AIT (Advanced Individual Training). After I completed basic and AIT (a signal Military Occupational Specialty), I returned to my state job. My new military status helped me to get promoted to the position of Veterans' Representative. I have been in that position for 23 years; my purpose in life Monday through Friday is to help veterans find jobs and apply for benefits. Since I started working for the State Employment Service, I have earned both my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and my Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems.

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