My Beliefs, Values And Clinical Gestalt

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My Values, Beliefs, and Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems
Kellie Williams
BSHS 322
January 17, 2010
Professor Amy Donaldson

My Values, Beliefs, and Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems
I was raised in a religious family with strong beliefs in faith and helping others as God would want us to do. I have strong values in honesty, kindness, love, faith and in doing what is right by others. I feel a strong need and desire to help those less fortunate than myself but sometimes that is harder to do than it seems. It is hard to help those who do not want to help themselves. I believe this desire and my beliefs will greatly help me in my career to provide ...view middle of the document...

It will be hard to work with some people such as spousal abusers, child abusers, neglectful parents or anyone that tries to hurt or abuse someone else. My husband became addicted to drugs and was abusive during his use of them so it is very personal to me. It will be easier to step in to help out the one being or that has been abused than it will be to help the abuser. I know that I can do it but, it will just be a little more trying.
Because of the fact that I can no longer have children, I tend to overcompensate with animals and spoiling my daughter. I try not to go overboard with her because I do not want it to have ill effects on her later in life but I do have to watch myself. I try to give her the same love and support that my parents gave me. I’m glad that I am able to provide her with some of the luxuries that I did not have growing up but also teaching her that materialistic things are not everything. She also knows that not only am I her Mother but also I am also her friend. We have a very close relationship because of this.
When I say I overcompensate with animals it is the truth. I did not realize it until just now but that is exactly what it is. I have five dogs, three cats, fish, and a horse. At one time I also had birds, a rabbit, and a guinea pig. I am not sure what that says about me other than I love to love. I tend to take in abandoned or abused animals until we can find good homes for them and have done so since I was a small child.
During high school, and even now, all of my friends and classmates would always come to me to discuss their problems. They knew that I would not judge them or repeat what was said to me. This is part of what has driven me to want to become a counselor. I can listen without being judgmental but also helping them figure out,...

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