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My Belonging Essay

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We may all know belonging as being that which belongs to someone or as something that is connected with a principle or greater thing, but do we really understand what it means to belong as a human being?

To belong we have to try to 'fit in' and accept ourselves as a part of something. Sometimes, for the ones who have left their homeland and moved to another country, they may have a sense of not belonging even if the people in that country recognize them as a citizen of the nation. It could be because they don’t look like others by their hair color and appearance or because the languages they speak are not the same.

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As well as using first person, which brings the experiences of Hung closer to the reader, the writer also uses third person. This helps to explain and sum up. The writer suggests, "He loved Vietnam but is still feeling spun out by the experience of returning to his roots, rediscovering sounds and smells that were both familiar and strange, then finding he didn't belong there either”. This quote shows Hung was trying to look for the feelings that he had before he moved to Australia but he could not. He wanted to be local, but he was too tall and white, so people mistook him as a Japanese tourist.
Language is also shown to include and exclude people, too. Hung could not understand the North Vietnamese accent and he felt very sad when people say it would be better if they spoke in English. It was sad because this is his country and he came back here to find his what he has missed for such a long time and to speak his mother language.

" I don't want to be a tourist in my own country, but then I didn't grow up there, so I am a tourist." Hung thought he could just fit right in and find the feeling of connection with the people there because he is Vietnamese but he perceived that he...

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