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I am a person who believes that hard work and dedication is the recipe for success in almost everything you put your heart into. Unfortunately there are circumstances where no matter how much sweat and blood you put forth into your work there is that one boss who makes your work day more difficult and even more challenging than it should be. My boss is exactly this person. Once you punch in on the time clock she sets out to hover over you creating a distraction, flagrantly shows incompetence within her task delegation, and frequently changes job expectations without notice or explanation of the new standards.
While performing my job duties the last thing I want to have is my superior hovering over me. Not only does this make for a huge distraction but it also causes unnatural nervous work habits while under the spotlight. Throwing out her own comments and tidbits adds to the ...view middle of the document...

She will ask for certain inventory to be filled and labeled even after being informed days prior that we are out of that specific item in which only she has the ordering authority to fulfill. She also request us to access reports we do not have clearance for, complete tasks without supplying the necessary tools, and requests to have tasks completed promptly when they are clearly a multi-shift long project added onto the usual daily job duties.
Being a prideful person I always ensure that I know what is expected of me so I can complete my assignments in a satisfactory manner. When it comes to my boss, she makes it very difficult to take great pride and excel within my position. Her constant changing of job expectations without notice or instruction leads myself, and fellow peers to fail quite frequently. This flaw in her management skills causes write ups filed into your employee record that hurt your future promotions and raises within the company. When you attempt to challenge the undeserved discipline notice by speaking to the store manager who oversees her work performance, she always insists on being present for the conversations and quickly becomes defensive. She lies about her lack of explanation on the new processes and procedures she had put into place and pins all fault on you to make herself look proficient and you a fabricator of the truth.
In conclusion due to my boss being a very difficult person to work for makes me second guess my career path and choice. Not only is the annoyance of her constant hovering nerve racking but it is also extremely distracting. Delegating assignments that are physically impossible and having tantrums shows her complete lack of competence within her position. Her decision to frequently change job expectations without notice makes what could be a pleasant and successful work experience into one that leaves you feeling as if your career goals will always be unattainable under her ruling. My boss is a threat to succession within our company and constantly knocks you off the old proverbial ladder you struggle to climb to reach the top.

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