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My Eden A 5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay

541 words - 3 pages

The world is coming alive right before my eyes. The beauty of the land in colorado has many depths to it, and my senses are bubbling with both excitement and tranquility. The sounds, the smells and the sights are amazing. I own the sunrise this morning.
The boulder I am standing on is slippery with fresh morning dew. There is not one person in sight. I see a small stream trickling down the hillside as if it were for the first time. Orange silk blankets the sky; the sun is rising! I can see creatures appearing from their slumber. The trees trun in to a girls best friend as the branches sway and the golden leaves sparkle in the sunlight. There is a quiet rustling sound. I look ...view middle of the document...

My heart begins to beat as I try to manipulate myself down this pick-up sized boulder. When I get to the bottom of the rock, there is a baby bird crying painfully. I look into the kaleidoscope of colors in the trees above me for the nest. No bird is visible from where I am standing on the rocky, moss covered earth. As I walk further, I notice the brilliant light caused the scenery to be flushed with melanous colores. With this new light, I see smoke, and it is just over the hill. I wonder if it is a house -- I can just picture it. I envision a small,cozy cottage tucked deep in the woods, with a large stack of wood in front. Outside is a woman sitting on the porch awaiting her husband's arrival from his early morning trip to town. I think it is time for me to get home, I must have been gone for about two hours now.
I begin down the narrow and winding path that will take me home. I step over tree roots and deteriorated trees that have fallen. The tapping of a small woodpecker flows through my ears. A swift hummingbird whizzes by my face. I continue on my way back. I am getting close to home. I can smell a home cooked meal in the works. The aroma of the food cooking reminds me that this is not my Eden. This happens everyday. All these animals are lucky to be living in such wondrous nature. I wonder if they know how lucky they are.
Our creator must have spent months painiting this beautiful landscape I see before me today. With all this beauty, you can never learn the secrets of this of this earth unless you stop and look.

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