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My Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement

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My Education Philosophy

Developing a personal education philosophy is a process that may never end, but I believe that I am in the midst of creating one based on my own experiences and the lessons I am receiving in college. After examining the various education philosophies outlined in the “Teachers, Schools & Society” textbook by Myra Pollack Sadker and David Miller Sadker, I have decided that my present philosophy is an eclectic combination of Essentialism and Progressivism. This approach covers my beliefs and the way I hope to interact with students.

I believe, like the essentialists, that is important to throughly cover the basics of English, ...view middle of the document...

I believe teachers should find ways to make their lessons interesting activities instead of drudgery. This will take more effort, but it will be worth the trouble if the students gain more from their engaged time.

When the project-based approach is applied to a group, students could help one another and, as a result, learn from one another. Students who are not having trouble with their English lessons could help students who are having to make more of an effort. They would also experience the benefits of team work and sharing ideas. Today’s employers want people who know how to communicate effectively and work in a team, so I feel my eclectic philosophy of essentialism and progressivism would help students learn skills that would be valuable later in their lives. A stimulating, progressive approach to English would help the students gain essential communications skills.

This essentialism-progressivism approach is the best way to take advantage of the experience I gained while working as a journalist. During my 15 years at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, I learned that few people know how to write effectively. I often had to decipher incoherent letters composed by otherwise intelligent people. Even more shocking examples of poor writing entered the email posted at my previous address. One time a boy who was interested in tarantulas sent me a long, rambling letter that was devoid of punctuation, capitalization, and structure. When I read this nightmare the first time, I assumed the boy was only eight- or nine- years-old, but during the second reading I discovered that he was 16. Seeing this and other examples eventually convinced me that the best way I could help children...

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