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My Escape Essay

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My Escape
It is just after 9:00 am on a sunny September morning. My feet have just hit the dirt of the parking lot where just a few other cars are parked. There are always the same few people who like to come here early in the morning to walk their dogs, walk themselves, or, if they're like me, they are here to run.
I step from the dew soaked grass onto the clay and dirt mixture that now cover what used to be train tracks. Thoughts from my week about family, work, school, and friends along with anything else that one girl could possibly worry about, swirl around in my head like lightening bugs trying to find their way out of a mason jar. I need to let these thoughts and emotions out of my mind.
A deep breath fills my lungs with crispy cold air. ...view middle of the document...

Along side of me, out of my peripheral vision, I see a black squirrel gathering some acorns to haul back to his nest for the winter. My feet continue to trample the ground below me cushioning my feet from the tracks below. The dirt underneath me is moist and a deeper brown than usual which resulted from the rain we received last night. Perfect running conditions, I think to myself.
My mind and my body are now at a tug of war. According the old wooden posts that jut out of the ground like newly bloomed flowers, I have run one full mile and three-quarters of my second mile. The body that I am encased in is exhausted, however, my mind is telling me that I can make it and finish my two miles before wandering back to my car. My headphones are blaring out some heavy rock song so loud that I can no longer hear my footsteps crunch against the already fallen leaves. You can do this, is all I keep hearing in my head and that plays louder than any music erupting from my ear buds. I begin to sprint with the last post, marking my two miles, now in my line of vision. Crossing that point felt as if I had just won the New York City Marathon and the crowd was going wild cheering for me. Except, there was no crowd, just me. When my legs slowed to a comfortable walking pace I turned around and began to make the trek back to the parking lot , with a clear head.
A running or hiking trail, such as this one, is an escape into the beauty and simplicity of mother nature. While a person is meandering about these types of trails nothing else seems quite as important. Suddenly, all of our problems seem so minuscule in comparison to our world and how vast and perfect it all really is. I cannot think of a better departure from everyday life than going for a nice run in the woods. This is my escape.

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