My Evacuation Essay

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Quang Nguyen
Professor Thomas
English 9/111

My evacuation
Everybody has moments of happiness, sadness, glory or bitter disappointment. When I was young, I was told that my grandfather was killed by the communist people in North Vietnam because he was a landholder. My parents could not stand the cruel and dictatorial domination of the communist in North Vietnam, so they escaped from the communist in North Vietnam to go to South Vietnam to find freedom. That was the story that my parents had never forgotten in their life. I also have had some events in my life that I have never forgotten. The most unforgettable moment in my life was the evacuation of my family to escape again ...view middle of the document...

Everything seemed sadder because on the way to airport, we saw heaps of guns, military uniforms, and jeep trucks abandoned in the street. The smoke from the heaps of important documents papers was rising up in front of the US building and government building proved the communist’s troops were closing on the city and the army of the South Vietnam was being defeated. We got there and waited hopelessly for the whole night long. When the sun rose up, we did not hear the sound of the plane or helicopter anymore. It was just the silent form of the early morning. Sometimes we heard the echo of the scattered shooting somewhere in the city.
“I want to go back home, “one of sister sobbed, “I miss home.”
“No, they will kill you” one of my dad’s friends shouted angrily, “Are you crazy? Let’s wait for helicopter for little bit. They will pick us up.”
All of my sisters cried loudly and we were not patients enough to wait for the helicopter pick up us as they promised.
“Ok, we go back home,” my dad said hopelessly, “we cannot wait for them anymore. They have abandoned us already. They have gone already.”
The helicopter did not pick us up because of the simple reason that the pilot did not recognize where the location of my dad’s company was in the dark night with fired plane...

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