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My Farewell Essay

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My Farewell Speech
We have waited for this moment all our lives, the moment when we leave our childhood behind and step into the world to forge our own paths in life. We have counted down the years, the months, the hours, minutes and seconds, and finally, that moment has arrived. I find myself very sad, for I will be leaving behind people that shaped my life and a place that is as much a part of my identity.

MES is like a complicated mixture, and it is not the final picture, but the individual pieces that I will miss the most. I will miss the familiar feeling of disembowelment as I ride down the road to school. I will miss the stampede that follows the 9th period bell. I will miss the ...view middle of the document...

Posted by aru murthy at 6:38 AM
How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.  ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
until we meet again!
~Author UN


Respected Principal, Teachers and my very dear friends.
Good afternoon everybody.
It gives me immense pleasure to stand on this dais and speak aloud my thoughts on this occasion. I am here today to do a farewell speech, therefore; today I stand before you all filled with gladness but sad as well. I am filled with gladness because I have attained my short term goal of completing the high school, but sad because I will be matriculating to college and will not be able to see my teachers and friends faces every day. I am confident that I will go far in life just because I have been taught at this fine school. It has taken a little time for this fact to dawn on my senses. The fact that this speech has to sum up just one thought: Model English School, I'm going to miss you.
No matter what I say in the next few minutes, nothing will sum up even a fraction of how much I owe this school.
Friends, today we are being given a farewell from our School.  A School, which nurtured and guided us for so long years.  It is difficult to describe all the years that went by.  Still there are a few moments and memories which we will remember and cherish all the time.  These past years I have learned so much about the value of making friends like all of you, my fellow classmates, and how important an education is.
Our school has taught me to see my faults; it gave me opportunities to mend them. It taught me to think, to dream, and to pursue my dreams. It has taught me to trust myself, pick myself up whenever I went wrong and failed. It has taught me then to try harder to make things work just as I dreamt.

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